FIERCE Teachers are FIRM but NOT HARSH!


They are top calibers and international champions from around the world. They are all eager to share their knowledge and cater students of different needs and levels.


Zhanna started dancing when she was little. With her strong dance background and winning from pole championships in Asia, Zhanna is the pole master at Fierce. She can teach all types of pole classes, ranging from beginner to very advanced levels.


Since taking her first class in 2012, Kathy fell in love with aerial dance and is continuously being trained by different aerialists around the world. Kathy loves teaching feminine and elegant choreography with detailed breakdowns.


Rhyn is an intellectual PHD student in daytime. In his spare time, he teaches pole and hoop. Rhyn received his pole training in the United States and worked with X-Pole. Within a very short period of time, he took part in a couple of pole competitions in the U.S. and made himself renowned. Rhyn’s super friendliness and patience won over many students’ hearts.


Joe began his silk journey in Hong Kong. His talent and passion in silk are the drive to make him devote himself in aerial industry. Representing Hong Kong, Joe was one of the finalists in the U.S. Aerial Championship. His detailed instructions and kind-hearted character lead him to build a strong following.