Fitness and Dance

Pole Newbie

Requires no previous fitness or dance experience. Pole Newbie is a taster class for you to feel the world of pole dancing. You will learn to walk like a diva, followed by basic spins, ending with a sexy pole dance routine. Your addiction will begin here!

Pole Tricks Intermediate

Promoted from Tricks Beginner, now we move on to more spin combinations and inverts in different variations. This class also strengthens your core, improves your flexibility and dance lines. You will soon develop your trick style from here.

Pole Conditioning

Strong as a Spartan, exploiting the poles to begin your hardcore training here. This is a perfect fitness class to complement your pole workout. Learn to harness your core, which is essential to keep you balanced on your heels, get you inverted in straight long legs and allow you to move gracefully and fluidly on pole.

Spin Pole

Learn to control your core and right muscles. It is essential to master these skills so you can dance gracefully and fluidly like a ballerina on a spinning pole. You will adapt to the spins and speed gradually.

Pole Tricks Beginner

Start to build some fundamental techniques and sequences of new pole moves. You shall be able to climb, master some basic tricks and simple spins after several classes. When you are ready for inverts, it’s time for promoting to next level YAY! Tricks Beginner helps excel in your pole journey! Absolute tricks ONLY! No routines.

Pole Tricks for All

Be prepared you will see different levels of classmates in this class. But do not worry because all our teachers are capable of catering all students from beginner to advanced level. In this class, you can learn some popular moves over the globe and signature tricks of the teacher. There are always OPTIONS of how to execute the tricks so don’t freak out!

Russian Exotic Pole

Burn the floor with your seductive and fierce moves. Fill the room with all hotties, from no experience to very experienced. Flaunt your body and play with your legs from floor to pole. Get up, get down and all around. The hour is all yours.

 Russian Style is the trendiest style in the pole community. Feel it and try it out!

Contemporary Pole

Some basic pole experience is required. Learn to mingle sequences of pole tricks and moves with contemporary dance. It is an elegant and expressive form of dance. In this class, you will learn how to build up strength and agility so you can execute the pole tricks fluidly and convey your emotions with the grace of contemporary dance.Teacher of the day decides to use static or spin pole for class.

Aerial Hoop Newbie

It will be your first moment to learn basic positions and poses on aerial hoop.  No experience is required.  But you are advised to wear a pair of leggings and sleeveless top to class

Ops! Don't forget to bring your camera for some selfies!!

Aerial Hoop Tricks Beginner

Gain strength and flexibility as you learn the amazing art of hoop. You must feel comfortable learning to invert to attend in this drop in class.

Aerial Hoop Tricks For All

Aerial hoop tricks for all are particularly designed for those who have busy or unstable schedule, or wish to mingle with new faces of different levels. You must feel comfortable to be surrounded by all levels of peers. Our teachers are experienced in catering students of different levels and needs.

Aerial Silk Tricks Intermediate

Skills you will learn from this intermediate class are some classic climbs, foot locks and inverting starting with feet on the floor. When you master these skills, next you will learn some new and varying skills presented by the class teacher, or you can even give suggestions to the teacher before class.

Aerial Silk Newbie

Welcome newbie! In your very first silk class, you will be introduced the foundations of how to suspend yourself in the air! You’ll get stronger as you learn how to climb the silks, lace lock in the air, and flip yourself upside-down! If you are not afraid of challenge, this is the class you want. Challenge and fun!

Aerial Hoop Tricks Intermediate

You will learn a variety of static and dynamic tricks, classic poses and combos that will keep your mind so busy that you won't even realize how great of a workout you are getting! Why exercise on the ground, when you can play in the air!

Aerial Silk Tricks Beginner

Once you have completed a couple of silk newbie classes, you are about to promote to silk tricks beginner class, in which you’ll learn a specific technique, transition, and/or sequences in each lesson.

Aerial Silk Tricks For All

Aerial silk tricks for all is particularly designed for those who have busy or unstable schedule, or wish to mingle with new faces of different levels. You must feel comfortable to be surrounded by all levels of peers. Our teachers are experienced in catering students of different levels and needs.

Trapeze Taster

A favoured apparatus with those dipping their toes into aerial fitness, the static trapeze provides a stable bar for you to build strength and confidence, especially with going upside down. Starting off with pikes and inverts, you then work your way up to moves that involve a great deal of balance between the ropes. Control and body awareness in relation to the static trapeze will definitely aid in transferring skills over to other apparatus as well.

Silk Play

If you wish to learn a sequence of tricks and combine some graceful moves in a beautiful routine, Silk Dance is what you should not miss. This is a good opportunity for you to taste how you dance a full choreography with the use of silk before you are ready to showcase on stage.

Aerial Hammock Dance

Aerial hammocks are large slings of silk hanging from the ceiling that allow you to move into a diverse range of figures and shapes. Hammocks help to enhance fluid and dance-like movements as you execute your moves in a sequence – something which sets it apart from the similar Aerial Silks apparatus.

Also known as hammock or swings, it is a great introduction to aerial fitness, providing excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place! For seasoned practitioners, the mastery lies in keeping a constant flow through transitions, especially whilst spinning, which could prove to be an extremely rewarding outcome.

Aerial hammocks are also particularly adept at accessing and broadening your shoulders, making for a seemingly easy but challenging workout.

Light Stretch

Light Stretch is the best class to start your day. It helps make you feel energised and awake with some simple stretching.

The class is suitable for all levels.

Legs and Splits

This stretch class focuses on splits and leg as well as hips' flexibility. Straight legs and pointed toes are definitely essential for graceful dance.

Sultry Dance with Chair

In this class, you will learn a sultry dance routine. The slow movement forces you to use more muscle control to really tone those core muscles. Layer up and bring some heels. Time to empower yourself and tap in to that sexy side. This is a great class to not only find your own comfortable movement but also to become aware of your own body.  Heels or sexy shoes are recommended but not required.

Erotic Dance with Prop

In this case, you will be using a prop chosen by the teacher to do an erotic routine. You will be satisfied to see your feminine side and sexy body line in mirror.

Exotic Flow N’ Floor

Floorwork and transitions! Bring your high heels and get ready to unleash your inner vixen by gaining body awareness and confidence! Don’t forget to bring your high heels! You will wave your body, play with your legs and do some Russian splits. Floorwork can be hard on bony knees, feel free to bring knee pads or other protective gear.